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Kemlite Wall Panels

Kamco Supply is a distributor of Glasbord® FRP with Surfaseal® finish, a moisture-resistant, easy to install, tough, and easy to clean wall and ceiling panel. Glasbord is used in a wide variety of applications where ease of cleaning, sanitation or abuse resistance is required.

Glasbord is the only FRP panel to feature Surfaseal, a sealed protective finish. Surfaseal's engineered finish offers a number of advantages that makes it superior to other FRP panels. Glasbord with Surfaseal is resistant to scratches, abrasions, staining, and damage due to harsh chemicals. In fact, it is up to 10 times easier to clean than other FRP panels and up to 6 times more stain resistant.

Glasbord is available in different colors and finishes, and can be cut and drilled for easy installation. Accessories such as color-coordinated moldings and rivets are also available to complete the installation.